I’ve done plenty of odd jobs in my life, more than my fair share. They took me to places I never would have gone, they allowed me to relate to people I never would have related to, and most importantly, they taught me the art of storytelling. That’s how I fell in love with advertising. Here are a few examples of some odd jobs I've had that have helped shape me become who I am today: 

- Beach boy in Cannes (included seating elderly British women/men, and applying sunscreen to their wrinkled bodies)

-  Intermediate soccer coach (provided ceaseless moral support to 10 year old kids no matter how bad their foot skills actually were)

- Waiter at local restaurant (included dealing with pompous customers who thought that our chicken chop chop salad was actually worth the $22 they were spending)

And now, here I am looking to continue my career as a copywriter… Let’s just hope I'll never be applying sunscreen to old people again.