Show the youth how fresh Colgate Max Fresh really is.

Who doesn’t love frosting a window and writing on it?

Colgate's Max Fresh toothpaste gives you the freshest breath possible.

IDEA: Create an add on to ‘We Chat', or 'Snapchat' that shows how fresh you can get with the power of cool breath. Huff on your phone to frost the screen, then write your personalized secret message. You must huff on your phone to view the temporary message.


                                                                                  Breathe on phone to frost the screen. Send the freshest of messages to your friends.


A transparent coupon that's made visible with your breath.

                                                                                                                               The power of fresh breath.


Drawing on fogged or frosted windows is always fun. While waiting for the bus, leave a fresh message on the refrigerated bus shelter ad that emulates the frozen aesthetic of the app.