Let's be real - side projects are what keeps the creative juices flowing. That's why a friend of mine and I started this Snapchat project called AskNYC, where we go around NYC every day asking random questions to random NY'ers. We record their responses on Snapchat and upload them to our story for the world to see.

The videos below are some of my favorite Snapchat stories we've captured, I exported them onto Youtube for your viewing pleasure...

What's one thing about your roommate you can't stand?

Do you call it a button up or a button down?

If NYC was a person, would it be male or female?

What's your favorite Pixar film?

Do you believe in love at first sight?


During my free time I enjoy adventuring the city and shooting photography, have a look at some of my favorites.

Shot with a Nikon FM2 on 35mm B&W... #nofilter

hidden gems of cannes

There were two things I noticed when trying to break into this industry - It's damn hard, and that the Cannes Lions are a huge deal. Since I lived in Cannes for a bit, I decided to create a stunt called 'Hidden Gems of Cannes' highlighting some of Cannes' best hidden restaurants. I sent it to my favorite creative directors, but in order for them to access it, they had to first go through my book ;) 

I followed up the next year with Cannes' Best Breakfast Spots for the Hungry or Hungover. AdWeek picked up both stories and published each one at the start of the Cannes Lions festivals. 

back in college

This project came to fruition during my college days after being approached by the director of the play 'All Men Are Dogs'. She said: "I heard you do great commercials, and I need one for my upcoming play, the only thing I know is that I want it in a film noir style." I told her I'd take care of the rest. 

It was a lot of fun working with such a creative team, especially on such a quick turnaround time. Who knew that 'quick turnaround'  would become a part of my daily mantra. 

During my Junior year we put together this Powerade Spec Commercial, a creative collaboration that ended up winning the 2014 Bronze Hatch Award sponsored by Ad Age. I worked on the creative development and also headed all phases of production. Shot with a RED Scarlet, with a crew of 40+ people.