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Insight: Anything can be sold, it just depends how you present it.

Idea: If we can sell a rock, we can sell anything.

How: My art director partner and I were looking for a challenge; we wanted to prove to the world that we can sell anything. We found rock in Brooklyn, and decided to put it up on Craigslist and eBay. You might be thinking, who the hell would want to buy a rock? Well if it’s well presented, who wouldn’t?

And guess what? It worked.



Let's be real - side projects are what keeps the creative juices flowing. That's why a friend of mine and I started this Snapchat project called AskNYC, where we go around NYC every day asking random questions to random NY'ers. We record their responses on Snapchat and upload them to our story for the world to see.

The videos below are some of my favorite Snapchat stories we've captured, I exported them onto Youtube for your viewing pleasure...


What's one thing about your roommate you can't stand?

Do you call it a button up or a button down?

If NYC was a person, would it be a boy or a girl?

What is your favorite Pixar film?

Do you believe in love at first sight?


During my free time I enjoy adventuring the city and shooting photography, have a look at some of my favorites.

Shot with a Nikon FM2 on B&W film... #nofilter

Hidden gems of cannes

There were two things I noticed when trying to break into this industry - It's damn hard, and that the Cannes Lions are a huge deal. Since I lived in Cannes for a bit, I decided to create a stunt called 'Hidden Gems of Cannes' highlighting some of Cannes' best hidden restaurants. I sent it to my favorite creative directors, but in order for them to access it, they had to first go through my book ;) 

I followed up the next year with Cannes' Best Breakfast Spots for the Hungry or Hungover. AdWeek picked up both stories and published each one at the start of the Cannes Lions festivals.